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Steve and Nick are long time colleagues and decided in 2021 to collaborate on The UVM Podcast with the intention of improving knowledge sharing across the industry.


Steve Cieslewicz


With more than 30 years of industry experience, Stephen R. Cieslewicz has established himself as a leading expert in utility vegetation management (UVM). In working with utilities, regulators and service providers around the world, Cieslewicz has been directly involved in the bulk of tree and power line issues of note. He was a principal UVM investigator for the Joint U.S./Canada Power Systems Outage Task Force, a principal author of all UVM related reports following the August 14, 2003 blackout, and was a member each of the subsequent North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) FAC-003 drafting committees. Cieslewicz has testified as an expert at many significant legal, regulatory and legislative hearings. He is a past president of the Utility Arborist Association (UAA) and a recipient of numerous awards, including the UAA Utility Arborist Award, UAA President’s Award, and certificates of appreciation from the U.S. and Canadian governments. Cieslewicz is also a well-known speaker and author on UVM issues. In 2011 Cieslewicz was named one of the eight most influential people in the green industry by Green Media (publishers of Arbor Age, Landscape and Irrigation, Outdoor Power Equipment, and Sports Turf magazines).

Nick Ferguson corporate headshot.jpg

Nick Ferguson

Founder - GEO-CEO

Nick works at the intersection of electric T&D and geospatial technology with international experience consulting with electric utilities and the O&G Midstream across North America, Europe, Australasia, the Middle East and India. His experience ranges across use cases including utility vegetation management, wildfire risk reduction, ratings analysis, up-rating, new line design, asset condition assessment and strategic asset management. Nick has worked with an extensive range of remote sensing technologies including ground (robotics, mobile LiDAR, terrestrial LiDAR), manned and unmanned airborne (LiDAR, photogrammetry) and space (optical, InSAR). He also has wide-ranging experience with geospatial, computing and visualization technologies such as AR/VR, AI/ML, GIS, CAD and large scale parallel computing. Nick has held VP roles in VC-backed, bootstrapped and publicly traded companies. Nick has a BSc and MBA from Durham University, UK, is a Chartered Geographer and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Nick now runs a technology consulting company, GEO CEO, that works with utilities, technology companies and the investment community (PE & VC).

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