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03 | The Utility Arborist Association, Dr. Philip Charlton and Dennis Fallon

The Utility Arborist Association (UAA) – Decades of Support for the UVM Industry

For almost a half century, the Utility Arborist Association has worked towards its stated mission that “We will drive excellence, innovation, and improvement in utility vegetation management through professional development, outreach, research, and the use of best practices.” With over 5,000 members worldwide the UAA has been an important and impactful voice in the industry and has had a significant role in raising the awareness of UVM. After a decade of leadership under the direction of Executive Director Dr. Phil Charlton, Phil has recently handed the reins to Dennis Fallon.

In this interview, Steve and Nick speak to both the incoming and outgoing Executive Directors of the UAA and discuss a myriad of historical and contemporary issues including:

  • Background and history

  • The important work of the UAA

  • UVM educational opportunities

  • The work of Consulting Utility Foresters (CUF)

  • Who are the members of the UAA and what are the benefits of membership

  • The industry loss of Nelsen Money and Will Nutter

  • Dr. Phil Charlton’s reflections on his career and work at the UAA

  • Dennis Fallon’s vision for the future of the UAA

For members of the UAA, this episode will provide a reminder of how important the UAA has been and will be in the future. For non-members, it’s time to join right here:

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