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14 | Powerlink Queensland, Steve Martin, Senior Strategist Land, Research and Development

In this episode we interview Steve Martin from Powerlink Queensland. Steve is the Senior Strategist for Land, Research and Development for Powerlink and works out of the greater Brisbane area of Australia.

During this lively down-under discussion, Steve and the podcast hosts discuss a wide array of issues ranging from animal grazing on transmission ROWs to managing our UVM workloads as an asset - not a liability. It is also another episode where “the tyranny of distance” plays a role in UVM and bushfire mitigation (note: you can listen to earlier episodes with our other Australian guests if you don’t understand the reference – it’s a term that would apply to all large IOU UVM programs). During the conversation, Nick mentioned an article he wrote on harnessing the best elements of LIDAR (as-built surveys for ratings confirmation) with the best of satellite technology (monitoring vegetation to inform clearances, health and species). The article can be found here.

We hope that you find this episode of The UVM Podcast insightful and entertaining. If you have any feedback on the episode or suggestions for topics you’d like us to cover in future episodes, please feel free to get in contact at A big thank you to this episode's sponsor, LiveEO.

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