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21 | US vs. Europe: Response to the 2003 Blackouts, Lex Kumar

In the aftermath of the 2003 tree related blackouts, North America and Europe responded differently to the issue of regulating their electricity grids. North America adopted a highly regulated approach with clear standards and enforcement mechanisms, resulting in fewer large-scale blackouts. Meanwhile, Europe struggled with a lack of centralized regulation and cross-border enforcement mechanisms, leading to disparities in UVM programs, but greater flexibility in adopting new, greener technologies to address climate change.

Overall, the lessons learned from the 2003 blackouts have highlighted the importance of clear regulation, independent and reliable regulatory agencies, and adaptability in the face of climate change. As we continue to face these challenges, it is crucial that we not lose sight of the need to ensure a reliable and efficient power grid for all, on both sides of the pond.

In this fascinating episode, Nick and Steve discuss the work of Tulane Law School student Lex Kumar in her retrospective analysis of the North American and European Blackouts of 2003. Lex discusses the similarities of each event and how the governments responded to these historic tree related blackouts. Lex can be contact at

We hope that you find this episode of The UVM Podcast insightful. If you have any feedback on the episode or suggestions for topics you’d like us to cover in future episodes, please feel free to get in contact at

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