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22 | Electricity Canada, Dan Gent

In this podcast interview, Nick and Steve, hosts of The UVM Podcast, interview Dan Gent, Director of Transmission and Reliability at Electricity Canada, a national forum and voice of the evolving and innovative electricity business in Canada. Dan explains his background and role at Electricity Canada, working within a trade association to represent its members to broader stakeholder groups such as the federal government and other regulatory organizations. He discusses the importance of transmission reliability and how it has been his area of focus for over a decade. Dan also highlights the challenges for transmission reliability across Canada, particularly extreme weather events such as ice storms. The discussion also touches on vegetation management, where Dan explains that as an association, they collect data on tree-related outages and provide that to their members. They also conducted a benchmarking study on vegetation management and found that trees account for 19% of customer interruptions and over 33% of the duration of an outage. Dan also shares insights on the Wildfire Mitigation Guide, a recommendation for what to do to prevent wildfires, from ATV spark plugs to vegetation management practices. The guide was a collective effort from utilities, and Dan explains how it's a living document that is reviewed every 3-5 years with experts to ensure it is still relevant with wildfire prevention technologies and tactics.

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