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28 | Utility Vegetation Management Institute, Larry Kahn, Tulane University Law School

Updated: May 10

In this episode, Steve is joined by a very special, and tough, guest co-host in Nick’s absence. The episode kicks off with Steve’s co-host sharing an update on all of the amazing work they have been doing since they last spoke. Once Steve and his co-host are caught up, they are joined by Professor Lawrence J.  Kahn. Larry is an adjunct professor at Tulane University and Co-founder of the Utility Vegetation Management Institute (UVMI). This is the fourth episode, in a planned series of discussions with Professor Kahn, where we hope to raise issues worthy of consideration and debate in the UVM industry.

Professor Kahn begins with an exciting update on what is going on with UVMI including a sneak peek at the upcoming UVMI Conference and a brief update on the progress being made to secure an esteemed collection of UVMI Expert Advisors.

Larry then delves into his work supporting California’s Wildfire Safety Advisory Board (WSAB), highlighting his involvement in leading a scoping meeting that contributed to the WSAB's recent recommendations to the state, which were subsequently adopted. The conversation explores various WSAB recommendations, such as standardized terminology and the necessity for further studies on wildfire prevention in California.

Finally, the group discusses the importance of equitable cost-sharing among utility providers to bolster wildfire prevention efforts.

We trust you’ll find this edition of the UVM Podcast enlightening. Should you have feedback or suggestions for upcoming topics, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


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