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01 | Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety, Director Caroline Thomas Jacobs

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

The new California Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety – an interview with Director Caroline Thomas Jacobs

The increasing prevalence of devastating wildland fires in California has resulted in the creation of a new utility oversight agency that has had significant impacts on how UVM is performed in the state. This new and powerful agency is focused on preventing fires related to energy related infrastructure (Energy Safety) and UVM is an important part of this effort. In this interview, Steve and Nick speak to the new Director of Energy Safety, Caroline Thomas Jacobs, and covers the following topics:

Background and history of the organization

  • Tree and powerline related fires

  • Various state and utility efforts to mitigate and prevent electric utility related fires

  • The reporting requirements and Wildfires Mitigation Plans for utilities

  • New Tech being utilized by utilities and the state

  • The work of the new Energy Safety organization

This episode will provide an insight into a unique and new oversight organization that may be replicated in other regions in North America. The work of Energy Safety has already had significant impact on how utilities perform vegetation work in the state and has expanded the scope and responsibilities of UVM professionals.

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