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25 | Jeremy Hayward, Redding Rancheria, Native American Tribe **CEUs Available**

Updated: May 10

In an engaging podcast episode, Nick and Steve are joined by Jeremy Hayward, a member of the Redding Rancheria nation and President of the Redding Rancheria Economic Development Corporation (REDDCO). Jeremy also represents and speaks about the Native American owned UVM company, Essential Vegetation Management Services (EVMS).

Jeremy delves into the rich tapestry of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), a treasure trove of indigenous communities' wisdom, practices, and beliefs that revolves around the symbiotic relationship between life and its environment. With a blend of culture, spirituality, history, and profound understanding of ecosystems, TEK stands as a testament to the intricate balance of nature. Jeremy emphasizes TEK's relevance in today's world, spotlighting its pivotal role in areas like conservation, climate change adaptation, biodiversity, and the holistic perspective it offers on ecosystems.

The discussion traverses the practical applications of TEK, particularly among Native American tribes in California. Jeremy shares enlightening examples from tribes such as the Wintu, Pit River, and Yana, highlighting their age-old practices like controlled burns, sustainable resource management, plant cultivation, and active land stewardship.

Branching out from TEK, Jeremy sheds light on his extensive array of companies with a vision focused on sustainability across "Seven Generations." He speaks with pride about their groundbreaking initiatives in green hydrogen production, harnessing waste from UVM operations to forge a sustainable energy path.

Jeremy also touches upon his collaborative efforts, alongside a team of volunteer companies, to electrify the Navajo Nation, bringing much-needed power to their communities.

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**CEUs available on the Utility Arborist Association website here

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