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26 | Tim Walsh, The Davey Tree Expert Company

In this episode, Nick and Steve have the privilege of hosting Tim Walsh, a key member of the UVM industry with decades of  experience and a passionate advocate for safety. Tim, a former president of the UAA and current VP of Health and Safety at Davey Tree Company, kicks off the conversation by shedding light on the various committees available for UAA members to join and actively engage with the organization.

Highlighting Trees and Utilities as the premier event in the UVM industry, Tim reflects on the significance of the event, drawing attention to the wealth of educational opportunities, research insights, networking, and hands-on experiences with cutting-edge equipment. With over 1,000 attendees in 2023, the event has become a cornerstone for students, contractors, employees, and vendors.

The conversation then shifts to safety, where Tim emphasizes the importance of fostering a strong overall culture within organizations, one in which individuals exhibit consistent behavior in both personal and professional realms. Tim explains why there should not be a separate “Safety Culture”, rather, it should be an integral part of the overall culture. He advocates for a shift in focus from merely addressing what goes wrong to celebrating what goes right, transforming the narrative around safety. Tim challenges the traditional notions of "zero incidents" and "all incidents are preventable," offering fresh perspectives on cultivating a resilient safety system.

As the discussion evolves, Tim provides valuable insights into upcoming changes in safety standards and rules within the UVM industry. He emphasizes that safety is not merely the absence of accidents but the presence of resilience in the system. Tim advocates for the incorporation of research and statistics in safety discussions, urging a holistic approach to enhance safety practices.

In looking toward the future of safety in UVM, Tim explores ongoing challenges such as recruiting, retention, and employee engagement. He underscores the need to embed safety as an integral part of a company's culture and leaves listeners with a thoughtful reflection on the evolving landscape of safety within the UVM industry. Lastly Tim, Nick and Steve discuss some of the exciting technologies available in the UVM industry and how they can be used to enhance safety.

We trust you’ll find this edition of the UVM Podcast enlightening. Should you have feedback or suggestions for upcoming topics, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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