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02 | Tulane's Utility Vegetation Management Initiative (UVMI), Larry Kahn, Visiting Research Fellow

Tulane University Law School – an interview with Larry Kahn

For decades, the UVM industry has been supported by several organizations known to us all. A short list of those groups includes the UAA, ISA, EEI, Arbor Day, CEATI and EPRI. In this podcast, we speak to a new academically-centered organization, housed at Tulane University Law School, that is also focused on UVM related issues. Going forward in time, Tulane’s Utility Vegetation Management Initiative (UVMI) will have a pivotal role in shaping the myriad issues related to our work.

On this episode, our guest is Lawrence Kahn, Visiting Research Fellow at Tulane Law School's Center for Environmental Law. Larry is heading up the Tulane UVMI and we discuss many of the Tulane initiatives directly involving UVM. In this provocative discussion, Larry will cover multiple issues. For example:

  • Tulane’s work with Arbor Day Foundation to develop a model “Right Tree - Right Place” tree ordinance

  • Why UVM is an important issue for everyone

  • Social justice and environmental issues related to UVM

  • Tulane’s multi-national UVM law and regulation survey

  • Other issues scheduled to be addressed by Tulane’s UVMI

We guarantee you will find the topics interesting, possibly controversial, and definitely thought provoking.

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