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19 | The Demarcation Problem **CEUs available**

In this episode we discuss the “the demarcation issue” with Larry Kahn, the Distinguished Research Fellow at Tulane Law School’s UVMI. This is the second episode, in a planned series of discussions with Larry, where we hope to raise issues worthy of consideration and debate in the UVM industry.

During this episode Larry, Steve and Nick explain and discuss the demarcation issue and present ideas to reduce outages, fires and accidents. As with the Rule of 70 episode, this is an important to the UVM industry.

We hope that you find this episode of The UVM Podcast insightful. If you have any feedback on the episode or suggestions for topics you’d like us to cover in future episodes, please feel free to get in contact at

**CEUs Available ** Visit the UAA website and click on quizzes or click this link.

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