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23 | Madelyn Anderson, Powerline Bushfire Safety Program, Victoria, Australia (part 1) **CEUs Available**

Updated: May 10

In this episode of The UVM Podcast, hosts Stephen R. Cieslewicz and Nick Ferguson are joined by guest Madelyn Anderson, Senior Policy Officer of the Powerline Bushfire Safety Program at the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action, Victorian Government, Australia. The conversation covers a range of topics related to UVM, risk reduction, and powerline-related wildfires in the State of Victoria.

Madelyn introduces herself and discusses her involvement with policy design after significant bushfire events in Australia. She highlights the increasing consequences of bushfires due to population expansion in high-risk areas and the impact of climate change on fire frequency and severity.

They delve into Victoria's history of bushfires, including events like Black Saturday, and the impact of powerlines on ignitions. Madelyn describes the lessons learned from past wildfires and how they have influenced current practices and policies in Utility Vegetation Management.

The discussion explores various strategies employed by the government to address vegetation management and minimize the risk of powerline-related wildfires. Madelyn details initiatives such as the Powerline Bushfire Safety Taskforce and advancements in technology for risk reduction.

Madelyn explains the challenges of managing vegetation near powerlines while respecting Victoria's unique flora, fauna, and cultural heritage. They also discuss community engagement and public awareness efforts to educate residents about powerline safety and the importance of vegetation management.

The success of the Powerline Bushfire Safety Program is highlighted, with significant reductions in ignition risk achieved through capital programs.

Throughout the episode, the hosts and guest provide insights into the complexities of managing powerline-related wildfire risks and share valuable information about Victoria's approach to Utility Vegetation Management.

The episode is split in two, of which this is part 1

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** CEUs

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